Eric: A gentleman who loves to help people. Everyone loves him because of his good manners. He can be funny at times and loves a good laugh. He is definitely a people person.

Cecilia: A simple green machine. She loves her high boots and bows. She has endured a lot to get to where she is and will not take any nonsense from anyone. If you are looking for dedication, honesty and loyalty, you have it all in Cecilia.

Nikki: A fashionista with an attitude. She loves purple, hats and has a good sense of fashion. She is the most quiet and humble fashionista you have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Johnnie: The coolest cop in town. He is always ready to serve and protect all the way. He is super sweet but can be dangerous to bad guys.

Jordan: Heehaaw, if you are in any type of trouble, just scream for help. The new sheriff in town will come running. With his wide brimmed hat, leather boots and guns, this Sherriff is set to amaze.

Elaw: The cute and mischievous green monster. Do not be deceived by his looks as he will stop you if he can just when you reach the end of the level so watch out! He is very smart and will try by all means to sabotage your efforts to get to the next level.